About the Acquisition

On January 3rd, Summa Linguae acquired Datamundi.

What triggered this acquisition?

In 2021, we realized we needed to find a data service provider that was complementary to our own services so that we could serve our customers better. We compared some companies that were interested in a “functional merger”, and we opted for Summa Linguae because they have one foot in translation services and the other in video/audio data projects. Both will be very helpful to our customers.

Krzysztof Zdanowski, CEO of Summa Linguae, explained the rationale behind the acquisition: “Datamundi complements our data solutions portfolio very well. Summa Linguae was previously focused on voice and image data, while Datamundi’s sole focus is language data. Since 2017, Summa Linguae has been shifting its strategic focus toward data solutions, which have since become an increasingly important part of the business. The expertise of Datamundi in text and linguistic services is going to be useful on the projects we’re already involved in.”

What will be the impact on our freelancers?

On an operational level, there won’t be any change. The same team of project managers, developers, and NLP engineers will work for our customers and our freelancers.

There won’t be a change in the way we value our jobs or our commitment to delivering fair estimates.

In 2022 we will probably onboard more freelancers from North America, and we will offer all freelancers the opportunity to work on the typical Summa Linguae jobs:  video & speech labeling.

If you have questions about this acquisition, feel free to contact one of our PMs directly.

I will stick around as CTO for Summa Linguae globally.

Gert Van Assche
2022, Jan 05.