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Advising clients on how to harvest vital information from raw language data.

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Data Collection

Collecting and generating monolingual and bilingual data in more than 100 languages.

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Annotating, labelling, tagging, and enriching linguistic datasets.

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Evaluating machine translation output and bot conversations.

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Data Analysis

Analysing large training datasets, and detecting patterns that cause issues.

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AI Tools

Annotating, labelling, tagging, and enriching linguistic datasets.

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Data Fixing

Supporting low-density languages and managing domain-specific limitations.

Tell us your needs and we will develop unique tools, engage the right people, and find the optimal solutions to match them.

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About us

Since 2016, Datamundi has been creating and enriching language data for linguistic research institutes and global NLP system builders. Our focus is on machine translation and communication bots.

To meet our customer needs we created an “intelligent” portal where we give clear job instructions to more than a thousand linguists doing the specialist, hands-on work. This way we help on each step of the NLP production chain: data discovery and collection, text selection and cleaning, test set creation and validation of the NLP output.

Carefully recruited and trained, our linguists work solely online on the Datamundi platform, which guarantees clients the highest possible level of confidentiality and security. Datamundi undertakes an ongoing process of quality control of all the work being carried out in more than one hundred countries. Our linguists search for patterns, annotate, label, tag… Our portal compares their work to the same job done by other linguists. This way we obtain proof-based trust in the work our linguists do and we can get them deeply involved in the language tweaks our customers need.

Our dedicated team of project managers and developers and the high standard of the work generated by our skilled community of linguists have been rewarded by the trust placed in us by our clients. We closely work together with our customers’ scientists and A.I. engineers. Growth rates have been exponential in 2020 and we expect the trend to continue in 2021.

Meet Our Team!

Our beloved, dedicated and talented people.

Raluca Burduja

Program Manager

Florina Mănețoiu

Project Manager


Iulia Gîvan

Project Manager


Alexandra Roman

Project Manager


Sonia Oravetz

Project Manager

Ioana Fotache

Project Manager

Dominika Wnuk

NLP Engineer


Laurent Dhont



Sergiu Chiș



Kathleen Monsieur

Finance & Payments

Gert van Assche

Managing Partner

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